Generation Gap: Fighting A Loosing Battle?

My mom and her toy piano on the left. me with my cousin's Nerf gun and Barbies on the right.

My mom and her toy piano on the left. me with my cousin’s Nerf gun and Barbies on the right.

     I live in an interesting country, I like to define it as a “Second World” country. See, we seem better than some “Third World” ones in many aspects, but not near the “First World” ones. And then there are the specific problems that are material for another post at another time. But recently, and by this I mean more or less the time that is usually given to define the millennial generation, we have worked harder at trying to be part of the glitzy “First World”, even as we watch it have problems just as bad or worse than ours. And this has brought some interesting changes in the relations between parents and their young adult children.

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You Know You Want It: Creating Preventive Consciousness

I Want I Want I Want

I Want I Want I Want by ATIS547, on Flickr

We live in a world that professes we should indulge in our wants but only responsibly and of course consciously.  After all we are in a worldwide recession and we can’t go around just wasting what little we have. So you know what you can do? Well create consciousness of course! And what better way to save than to create it in those who still have not had the chance to over indulge to make sure they don’t fall on the trap right? Make someone who has still not even been able to even reach the possibility of luxury feel it’s wrong to even want it.

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