Just when you think you are on a roll, something stops you midway. You are going a mile a minute and things stop. Wether it be that you drew a complete blank or that you forgot why you where there in the first place it’s just that way. But hey, the secret is not letting this stop you right? You keep running and even if it’s a small distance you still get ahead somehow. I guess that’s what this post is. Wether it be something outside, or maybe something inside ourselves, we just can’t let it bring us down. It’s the main reason this post is short. Let’s call it part of a routine. I have tried more than once to keep a blog going and my biggest problem has been routine. Maybe with time I delete this post and it has more of a place holder position. From what I understand, it’s easy to make new habits. Well, consider this a step closer to a new habit in writing.

stream of consciousness

stream of consciousness by Chicago Art Department, on Flickr


Being a $100 Bill

100 Dollar Bills by 401(K) 2013, on Flickr

There is this great saying where I live, “No eres un billete de veinte. No todo el mundo te va a querrer”. It translates as “You are not a twenty dollar bill. Not every one is going to like you.” When people go out of their way to make everyone like them they get this, because who doesn’t want twenty dollars? Sure in this day and age it doesn’t get to much but you get the idea. And that’s what happens now, specially in this world of likes and follows. We don’t want to be twenty dollars, we don’t even want to be fifty, deep down we all think it would be kind of awesome to be a hundred.

 “Please ‘Like’!”

I am not saying every one wants to be recognised internationally or be famous, but people do want recognition, and positive recognition at that. That’s why a Google search on how to will lead you to a treasure trove of articles on how to have a successful blog, a famous Tumblr, a million followers on Twitter, or more likes in Facebook, the list could go on. I confess I looked at some with the excuse of “Well I never seem to stick with a blog so let me see what I can do to actually stick to it.”
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Reality Check: Facing the world

In Mommy’s Shoes 2/366 by MichellePetersJones, on Flickr

Have you had that moment when you wonder when the hell you became an adult? You are cleaning out your room and when you run into some toy you had not seen in forever and you don’t know what to do with it. A few days ago I was organzing things in my room when I set up my bed side table. And I ran into the lamp I have had in my room for the last 25 years, a.k.a. all my life. And then it hit me: I don’t know what to do with it because while it’s in perfect working condition it also has some lovely rainbows and hearts. I ended up making a cover but it was one of many moments of realization that life is starting to run by me and I am to young to have a midlife crisis.

I have had a hard time seeing myself the age I am. While I am not that old I can’t quote a Britney Spears song to describe myself anymore because I am most definitely not a girl and very obviously a woman. So I did some introspection, and well, I think I found the reason I feel stuck in life. Or reasons is more appropriate. I have managed to push away a lot of the “rites of passage” of western culture. I don’t drive (by choice amazingly) and it’s starting to get embarrassing. I have a job that screams temporary, because I would prefer not to spend my life behind a register. I want to move out, even if mom says it’s fine to live here until I marry (heh, thanks but no thanks mom). I need to actually embrace the fact that I am an adult.

I could easily blame this on my generation, all us millennials just want things handed or easy right? Well, yes and no. I want a chance at things. Yes I was cuddled and cared for and kept safe from all the bad things out there that could make me not grow to be a productive member of society. And it turned me into a non productive member of society, or so it seems to a lot of people. I don’t say this is the situation of everyone in the world, I live in a country where if you tell them the so called problems of the millennials they will answer they are to busy trying to live in the world as it has become to consider that.  We seem narcissistic maybe, or whinny, and this blog could just be another in a long list of examples of why we as a generation are a problem. I don’t intend on saying I speak for all of the people of the generation Y. But I plan on tracking the thoughts of at least my friends and me, all part of this group.

When asked why there where no “lost girls” in Neverland Peter Pan replied they where to clever to fall from their prams. Now we have been left in the garden and the wind knocked over all the prams with both boys and girls. And it’s like the baby is being blamed for trying to push up the pram and climb into it and failing. So yes, we ended up in Neverland and now a lot of are trying to get back, and hopefully, most if not all of us will make it back.